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Utility models

The patent attorneys of "Alla Fedotova & Partners" prepare documents, including specifications of inventions or utility models, which are necessary for submitting applications for a patent or certificate. They provide qualified prosecution of applications in the Russian PTO.

The firm has considerable experience in representing clients in the Russian PTO not only during the examination of applications, but also in case of appeals and contested de-cisions.

Our patent attorneys counsel on a full spectrum of issues connected with patent validity, enforcement and litigation.

Only two conditions of patentability are required for utility models - novelty and industrial applicability.

A patent for a utility model is valid during five years from the application filing date and can be extended by the Patent Office for three additional years upon a petition of the patent assignee. An examination on conforming a utility model to the conditions of protectability is not conducted by the Patent Office. A patent is granted at the Applicant's responsibility without a guarantee of its validity.