Intellectual property agency "Alla Fedotova & Partners" provides qualified assistance for securing, maintaining and defending patents of inventions. The patent attorneys of "Alla Fedotova & Partners" prepare documents, including specifications of inventions or utility models, which are necessary for submitting applications for a patent or certificate. They provide qualified prosecution of applications in the Russian PTO.

The Patent Law of the Russian Federation (the Patent Law) governs moral and economic rights arising from the development, legal protection and use of inventions, utility models and industrial designs. In accordance with international agreements on reciprocity, the Patent Law extends these rights to both Russian citizens and foreigners. Patent protection can only be obtained through an application to Russian PTO (Rospatent).

An invention is generally granted patent registration if it has the following three characteristics:

  • novelty;
  • inventive element;
  • industrial applicability.

The patent inventions are valid 20 years following the filing date.