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Industrial designs

Intellectual property agency "Alla Fedotova & Partners" provides qualified assistance for securing, maintaining and defending patents for industrial designs.

The patent attorneys of "Alla Fedotova & Partners" make a preliminary appraisal of patentability of the industrial designs as to novelty and originality, file an application and conduct the correspondence with the Russian Patent Office in the course of prosecution.

Patenting of industrial design is governed by the Russian Federal Patent Act of 1992.

Industrial design patents are granted for an artistic engineering embodiment of an article, produced commercially or handcrafted, that forms its exterior, i.e. the design appearance of the article. Industrial designs may be three-dimensional or flat, e.g. a packaging, a tag, a logo or a type as well as composite products, separate parts that can be assembled into a composite article, etc.

To qualify as protectable , the design must comply with the patentability requirements, in compliance with which an industrial design should be innovative and original. To verify whether an industrial design meets the aforesaid requirements, an examination is carried out at the Patent Office, upon the completion of which the search for similar artistic engineering solutions is performed.

The term of design patenting is approximately 12 months.

A patent for a industrial design is valid 15 years from the application filing date.